And unlike the 314,011 other titles on Amazon that attempt to provide insights on him or her, on love and marriage, this is a book about the one relationship many of us prize above all others:

The one we have with our mobile phone.

The number of smartphones sold worldwide in 2014 exceeded 1.2 billion. Adults in the U.S. spent 23 percent more time on mobile phones during an average day in 2014 than in 2013. No surprise that brand marketers like us are desperate to get in on the action. But will consumers let us in? Is it possible that marketing could enhance this vital relationship, improving the mobile experience for the user by providing value?

Jeff Hasen believes the answer is yes.

And he spent a year talking with the brightest minds in mobile, marketing and business, seeking answers to the toughest questions facing marketers in the mobile era. Through insights from courageous mobile marketers leading efforts for Google, Coca-Cola, REI, Lord & Taylor, Expedia, ESPN, and many others, readers of The Art of Mobile Persuasion will learn how the world's most influential brands are transforming the customer relationship through courageous mobile marketing.

What is courageous mobile marketing?

  • Handling the mobile user's ever-expanding expectations with flexibility and verve
  • Knowing when personalization is possible and the actionable steps toward reaching an audience in a one-to-one way
  • Adopting a new customer service model that serves the self-sufficient mobile shopper
  • Thinking about the customer journey in a device-computer-wearable-and-back-again loop
  • Connecting to customers with transparency and humility
  • Calling your tribe to action when it matters most

Traditional marketing is evaporating. Mobile engagement is little more than a buzzword. But mobile persuasion is an art form. Do it courageously and you'll transform your company's strategy forever.

The dreams are big, the stakes are high, and there’s no time to waste.

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The Art of Mobile Persuasion

How the World's Most Influential Brands are Transforming the Customer Relationship through Courageous Mobile Marketing

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